The registration fee allows us to clearly define the job position, then we contact the possible candidates in our database and we publish it on our websites and our recruiting channels, beginning our selection process. 

Once we have the registration fee from our clients and we have published the job position on our website and social media networks, we then collect the applications. Afterward, we analyse all potential CVs and we proceed with a pre-interview on the phone or by video call with the most pertinent profiles. If we think they are an excellent fit, we move forward by conducting a more formal interview, which then is followed by checking all their documents and the residency permits. 

No, we don’t increase hourly candidate prices for our profit. You get the most honest rate, agreed directly between you and the candidate.

We don’t drive up the costs for all parties. Our candidates don’t need to charge more per hour to cover our commissions. We takes no commissions from our candidates.

A selection process consists of screening CVs, pre-telephone interviews, in-person interviews at our offices, checking documents and checking references: this process can last about 8-10 days. Each case is different and it is not possible to know in advance how many potential candidates can meet all customer expectations. Furthermore, the same selection process carried out at different times of the year can lead to different results.

The form allows us to understand exactly what you are looking for in a candidate, including their skill set as well the level of importance you place on each skill. We would like to find the ideal candidate for you, and a written record aids in this process. 

Most of our clients find their best candidate within the first three they are presented because we are highly selective in screening for each position. Usually, if the client asks to see more than three candidates it's either because the client didn't clearly articulate specific skills they were looking for, or it is hard to find the person that meets all the requirements given the pay, job expectations, or time permitted for the search. For these reasons, it's very important to fill in the family form with as many details as possible, which allows us and the client to focus the most important skills and aids us in finding the best available fit. 

We don't advise it. Many clients have lost their top choice because they wanted to continue evaluating other candidates, and in the meantime, their top choice accepted a job with another client. Candidates are often the top choice for others as well. If you like the candidate, we suggest that you conclude your interview by deciding to meet again or to start a trial period.

Typically, candidates don't only work for our agency. Often candidates seeking jobs are asking other organizations and agencies for assistance, or they are looking for a position on their own. They're free at any moment to change their mind or commit to working for another family. In these cases, we at Euro Placements can try to find out their reasons for turning down your job offer and relate this to you in order to determine if we can persuade the candidate from officially accepting another position and instead secure them for the job you are offering. 

At Euro Placements we do our appraisals in the moment of the selection. People change over time because the situations in their lives change, a candidate who was initially chosen as a "live-in" may eventually have the need to build her/his own family only be available part time. 

In Italy, like most of Europe, it is not possible to recruit candidates based on criteria such as age, nationality, or a specific family situation.  We can favor a specific language requirement and start our research from that, but our selections cannot start from the nationality of our candidates.

We check a candidate’s provided references by email and/or by phone. We learn what responsibilities the candidate had with the family and how they managed in the home environment. We want to remind you that every family has their own habits.

We verify their permission to work, passport, diplomas and additional identification if required.  

If the relationship stops within the first month, we can start a new job selection without any additional cost. However, this will happen only if the client has paid the initial selection fee. 

We only start a new selection when the previous candidate is fired. If you decide to keep the candidate during the trial period, you will pay a fee for every month you keep the candidate as we conduct a new selection process.

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