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After School Manny/Nanny/Tutor-  Repubblica / Turati Metro, Central, Milan – closed 



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Published: 30 January 2019
Location: Historical Center of Milan, Italy
Category: Tutor
Job Type: Part time 
Start Date: February, 2019
End Date: June 10th, 2019
Description: A family is looking for a tutor who can pick up their two children from school and bring them to their activities and home. They have a son, just over 2 years old, and a daughter of 9 years. They attend an Italian school. The family has had excellent tutors in the past and they want to continue their children’s English studies. They are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, confident, calm and easygoing, cheerful, outgoing, patient, principled and empathetic, as they are also looking for a role model. The father is away most of the week, so they would ideally love a male tutor to provide the children with a positive male role model figure.  
Required: A university degree and teaching experience
Required: Application,  a C.V., recent photo, and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses) 
Accommodation: not provided
Working hours: Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 7:00 pm 
Salary: Depends on Experience and Credentials

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