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Early Childhood EMT or Bilingual Italian/English Speaking Teacher – Reggio Method – Sant’Agostino Tube Stop, Milan – closed 



Job Category: Teacher

Published: 8 October 2019
Location: Via Cesare da Sesto, Milan, Italy
Category: Early Childhood Teacher
Job Type: Full time
Start Date: October 2019
End Date: June 2020, possibly longer, which is ideal
Description: Small and cozy nursery in Milan is seeking a Nursery Teacher for a class of 3 year old children (26 children with 2 teachers). The nursery has a Reggio approach to learning. The school is in the center of Milan (with garden, vegetable gardens, indoor kitchen and swimming pool). This position comes with the possibility of training and professional growth. Direct relationship with families is part of the job. Starting from their pedagogical approach (Reggio) the school is looking for a solar figure, empathic, very close to children, perhaps with artistic, theatrical skills, who is happy to be with children in every moment of everyday nursery life, from the assembly to lunch, to bed. They don’t want to teach children English through traditional lessons, but instead offer children the opportunity of an immersive bilingual contextual way of learning. Better to have a candidate with little experience in teaching the language, but very sunny and able to manage a group.
Required: A university degree is required in addition to experience. 
Required: C.V., cover letter, and 2 references. 
Accommodation: none 
Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4.30 pm, one afternoon until 7.00 pm
Salary: 1380 euros net (13 months, 1 month paid holiday)

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