Job details

Corporate job: Global Estate Manager

Published: 2022/09/01

Location: Milan

Job Category: Personal Assistant

Start Date: ASAP

Languages: Italian, English and if possible German


Managing the private estates of a private individual.

  • 1 large estate in London
  • 1 large estate in Rye, East Sussex
  • 1 luxury chalet in Gstaad
  • 1 estate in Milan

Key Duties:

  • Overseeing the purchase and sale of properties, including but not limited to liaising with legal team, surveyors, real estate agents
  • Assisting with the sourcing of new properties
  • Overseeing the shifting of goods from one estate to another, including furniture, art, vehicles
  • Overseeing the purchase of goods, such as furniture, white goods and estate equipment
  • Putting in place estate budgets
  • Basic accounting
  • Negotiating with third parties and contractors
  • Executing estate payments according to budgets and contracts
  • Overseeing estate projects, renovations, building works, including liaising with architects, contractors
  • Dealing with legal advisers regarding any disputes
  • Implementing estate service schedules and engaging the relevant service providers
  • Putting in place insurance policies, including contents, building and car insurance
  • Hiring of estate personal including, the drafting of contracts, overseeing and executing payroll
  • Liaising with house managers of the estates on a regular basis; developing and implementing reporting scheme
  • Developing and implementing controls, policies, and procedures for all staff
  • Overseeing the rental of properties
  • Providing the tax authorities with all relevant documentation for the preparation of the yearly tax returns



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