Job details

Maternity Nanny for 1 girl aged 3 months and 1 boy aged 4 -Milan 3 Basiglio- open


Location: Basiglio

Job Category: Maternity Nurse / Nanny / Puericultrice

Job Type: Part time

Start Date: January 2021 

End Date:  May 2021

Description: An Italian family with 1 girl aged 3 months and one boy aged 4 is looking for a maternity nanny, who can help with the little girl and in the afternoon with the little brother, coming back from school. The mum is at home but she will be busy working. The job will end in May but from September the family will need a nanny in the afternoon.

Required: Cover Letter, C.V. and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses)

​Accommodation: Live out

Working hours: Monday to Friday from 11 to 19pm

Salary:  1500-1800, depending on the candidate

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