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Maternity Nurse or Maternity Nanny Wanted for 2 twins, 1 month old

Published: 2020/09/23

Location: Reggio Emilia

Job Category: Maternity Nurse / Nanny

Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Category: Nanny/Maternity nurse

Job Type: Full-time

Start Date: October 2020

End Date: May 2021

Description:  Cherished family with 2 twins, is looking for a maternity nurse, to share the job with their own english mother tongue maternity nurse They are looking for a motivated candidate with experience and someone who is passionate and professional. One of the parents will be at home, but working. The house is fully staffed.  The family lives in a beautiful villa, surrounded by a beautiful park, 15 minutes from the station.  In case of Covid the candidate is required to stay in the area.

In the family there is a 2 years old baby girl, but with her own nanny.

Working hours: 6 days per week, 12 hours per day, night or day, on alternate week.

Required:  A motivated candidate with experience, and someone who is passionate and professional.

Required: C.V., personal statement, and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses)

Accommodation: Own bedroom and bathroom in a villa shared with the other maternity nurse and the other nanny.

Salary: Competitive salary, depends on experience and credentials


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