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Nanny / Teacher / Tutor for VIP Family in Bassano del Grappa, Italy – closed



Job Category: Teacher

Published: 22 September 2018
Location: Italy, Bassano del Grappa CAP 36061. The house is in the town center, 5 minute walking from the train station
Category: Nanny / Teacher / Teacher
Job Type: Full-time, Live-in
Start Date: October 2018
Description: A VIP and cherished client of Euro Placements is looking for a EMT nanny or teacher with a lot of flexibility, since the parents are busy entrepreneurs. The candidate must be a smiling, happy, positive, active, flexible, independent, and very proactive candidate in creating educational activities and games. The mum is often at home, but she asks for the nanny/teacher to be flexible week by week. The candidate will provide a little girl of 3 years. She is at school Monday to Friday until 12:30 pm. The house is fully staffed and there is a chef too. If the mum travels you can be required to stay home with the child, but you won’t be alone and you will have your recovery time. The family needs someone very reserved because of the people visiting that house.
Requirements: Someone who is very experienced and qualified with impeccable references. Do not apply if references are not ready when you apply, including contact information for the agency. Only non-smokers apply. 
Requirements: Summers will be spent in Sardinia and Greece, therefore, it is critical the candidate doesn’t get seasick and is a strong swimmer. 
Required: Application,  a C.V., a cover letter, and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses)
Accommodation: Private bedroom and bathroom
Working hours: Monday to Friday 1:00 – 10:00 pm. Weekends are generally free, but occasionally weekends and late nights will be expected, however, extra pay is provided. You can be required to accompany the family on tours or holiday (tours are not frequent, but in that case the nanny/teacher will be provided with accommodation). If the child is sick, expect to stay with her during the day, extra pay or free time be provided when working full-time.  
Traveling Working Hours and Holiday: The family is gone from December 26th until January 5th, since they go to Maldives. This 2818-19 year, it is not necessary that the candidate joins the family in Maldives, but if there is a good relationship established by the following year, the candidate can join the family, if they want. During the summers, the candidate is required to follow the family and will work full 8-9 hour days, but will get 2 days off. Because of the longer required hours when traveling, the nanny can have recovering “free days/time” at another time. Also, the family offers four weeks holiday, but not in August, however, it can be in July or September.
Salary: Competitive salary depending on qualifications, must provide references and a cover letter when applying

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