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Nanny / Tutor for VIP Family in Trieste area,  North East Italy – on a trial



Job Category: Nanny

Published: 8 October 2019
Location: Italy near Trieste CAP 34010. The house is 10 minutes by bus from the town center
Category: Nanny/Tutor
Job Type: Full-time, Live-in
Start Date: October 2019
Description: A VIP and cherished client of Euro Placements is looking for a EMT nanny/tutor. The person has to be experienced, since the parents are busy entrepreneurs. The candidate will look after 2 children attending an International School, a 10 year old boy and a girl aged 6. They are looking for a smiling, happy, positive, active, flexible, independent and proactive candidate. A person who can be a role model. The mother hopes to have a person for whom cleanliness and tidiness are also important. The mom is often at home, but she also travels abroad, so she asks the nanny/teacher to be flexible week by week, offering substantial free time in lieu. The children are on alternate weekends with the dad and on those weekends the nanny can have free time from Friday morning until Tuesday afternoon at 3:45 pm, when the children come back from school. And every Monday the children are with the dad, coming back on Tuesday afternoon. If the mom travels, the candidate can be required to stay home with the children, but the candidate won’t be alone, and recovery time will be applied. There are three dogs, 2 little and 1 big, in the house. Nursery duties are required.
Requirements: Someone who is very experienced and with impeccable references. Do not apply if references are not ready when you apply, including contact information for the agency. Only non-smokers apply.
Accommodation: Private bedroom and bathroom
Working hours: Monday to Friday from 3:35 to 9:00 pm. Extra time if the mother is travelling. A candidate will have 2 long free weekends. The other 2 weekends, the candidate can be expected to support the mom or expected to stay with the children if the mom is travelling. But the family is happy to offer free time in lieu. A candidate can be required to accompany the family on holiday. If the children are sick, expect to stay with them during the day, extra pay or free time be provided when working full-time.
Salary: Competitive salary depending on qualifications, 3000/3500 net +++ must provide references and a cover letter when applying

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