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Nursery Teacher – Central Milan – closed 



Job Category: Teacher

Published: 17 December 2018
Location: Central Milan, Italy
Category: Nursery Teacher 
Job Type: Full-time 
Start Date: January 2019
End Date: Long term contract
Description:  An English mother-tongue teacher is needed for an international school. The school provides care and education for children from 6 months through middle school. This particular job is for nursery children from 6 months through 18 months old. 
Required: A degree and appropriate teaching qualification are essential and experience
Required: C.V., cover letter, and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses) 
Accommodation: live-out 
Working hours: Full time, 8:15 am to 4:45 pm
Salary: around 1500 euros net, but depends on experience and credentials

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