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English Mother Tongue Tutor (opened to UWC graduate)– IB Programme Experience

Published: 2022/05/15

Location: CAstel Franco

Job Category: Teacher / Tutor

Job Type: Part -time

Start Date: September 22

End Date: June 2023

Description: We are looking for a young(er) UWC graduate or a Tutor who just finished university, who is looking for a part time placement for a 16 years old girl attending an international school.

Possibly gap year or interested in learning Italian.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Experience required. The girl has chosen the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics and English standard level along with Italian, Business and Economics higher level.

Interests outside of school:  Classical ballet.

She is considering applying the UK and US universities. Since the girl attends school, therefore the tutor will likely be required from 5 to 10pm, working Monday to Friday, with extra support on the weekend in case of Tests and Exams.

Required: Qualifications and Experience

Required: C.V., cover letter, and 2 references (including telephone numbers and email addresses)

Accommodation: provided

Working hours: From 5 to 10 pm, working 5 days per week, plus weekend support in case of Tests and Exams

Salary: Negotiable


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