Search Process

Our services begin by listening carefully to your needs and motivations to determine what home care specialist is the right fit for you. When possible, we encourage potential clients to visit one of our agency's offices to register. A personal meeting allows us to communicate more than what the registration forms convey. Whether you are able to have an in-person meeting or not, we will work with you to find the right person for your needs. Once we have received your full registration documentation, we will send you potential candidates' CVs.

After more than 25 years in the recruiting field Euro Placements is considered a reference point by many professionals.  Candidates from around the world seek to work with us for placement, and we conduct a personal interview with all potential home employees.

How we introduce you to potential candidates:

  • We will send you a Candidate Profile, including a registration form, CV, presentation letter, references, our interview report, diplomas. If you are interested in the candidate, we will then inform the person more about the position details you are offering. If the interest is reciprocal, we will then suggest that you email each other personally, and then proceed to a telephone interview or a video call, or a personal interview if possible..


  • If the candidate is in Europe and you are interested in meeting the candidate after the initial email or telephone contact, we can arrange personal interviews. If candidates need to travel outside of their city to meet you, all costs involved are to be paid by the client (train or plane ticket, hotels, etc.).

If you want to offer the candidate the position, we will assist you in drawing up a detailed agreement/job description to be undersigned. This is not a contract but merely a summary of conditions offered to make sure there is no potential misunderstanding due to language barriers.

Because of all the work involved in finding excellent candidates, it is extremely important to start the search as early as possible. Also, one must have a certain degree of flexibility in expectations and timing to ensure we find you the best possible candidates!

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